investing partnership

Strategic alliances and business partnerships are very common tools in today’s investment strategies. However, investment management is often hesitant. Investors tend to sit on their funds like brooding hens. They have problems to team up with third parties as long as competencies are concerned – in what to invest, why, how long, returns on investment, and how to do.

A partnership is different from directing subordinates or from commanding employees. Quite the opposite, it is vital to share winning, to interact at eye level, to share the same objectives, to communicate openly, and to accept guidance.

However, investment partnerships are nothing different from other business partnerships. It is all about making profit. One party contributes an established investment, the other party contributes funds. The key question is: who is the right partner?

Firstconinvest is a full-service, global hedge fund servicing the investment industry. We bring together a unique combination of knowledge and experience spanning across a range of services including regulatory compliance, fund formation, operational and risk management, international tax structuring and fund due diligence.

Through our vision and the Firstconinvest One Brain concept linking legal, fiscal, operational and regulatory expertise, Firstconinvest as Partners is uniquely placed to understand the business of asset management.

A pioneer in the industry, we are leaders in the hedge fund space in providing a intelligent and intuitive commercial investment concept giving clients the benefit of our diversified, yet balanced expertise.

Our unique approach to resolving client issues has resulted in an ever expanding client portfolio of well known and respected fund managers and institutional investors. Even today, in a world of global diversification, no other network of companies offers the same services under one roof.

Firstconinvest has made investing easy and straightforward. With our shareholder investment plan you do not have to choose out of a variety of possibilities like with other companies. We let you participate on every investment we make, this includes spreading risk by distributing in a wide range of investments.

We establish strong relationships with every client, built on mutual trust and respect and believe in building strong services for long-term relationships. We are privileged to have become a truly valued partner to hundreds of companies and individuals. That the majority of our clients come to us through personal recommendation is testament to the success of our approach.

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