Committed of quality of service

Firstconinvest's existence responds to the need that our historic customers had of finding a true off-shore, secure and flexible online platform. The investment opportunities in the platform is meant to allow customers to access the true value of placing their money off-shore, receiving income gross of taxes.

Firstconinvest strives to deliver a service of quality. We design services and the tools to deliver them so that Firstconinvest is in control and accountable of the service delivery process.

Firstconinvest's clients might be anywhere in the World but we bring the service to them through our Online platform as if Firstconinvest was local.

As part of our committment to quality we strive to:

Value creation

Firstconinvest's history is devoted to add value to its customers. We design our offer to meet two criteria:


Investing doesn't have to be scary. Every good plan starts with a clear statement of goals. Where do you want to be in five years, 10 years or even 50 years?