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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions about Firstconinvest, who we are, where registered, what we do and how you can participate.

  • Is First Coninvest an offshore company?

    Yes, Firstconinvest is an offshore company.

  • What advantages do I have if I invest offshore?

    Investing your money through an offshore company such as Firstconinvest includes the following benefits:

    • Security and confidentiality
    • No exchange control restrictions, allowing capital to be freely moved without formality
    • Dividends may be paid gross, without deduction of tax at source (the European Savings Direct is not applicable to the Seychelles nor the Dominican Republic). According to your particular situation you may be liable to pay taxes elsewhere (*)
    • Holding assets offshore may have some tax planning advantages(*)
    • There may be inheritance tax benefits for clients dependant upon domicile(*)
    • Sophisticated worldwide communication links facilitating ease of access
    • Become a Firstconinvest shareholder involves less formalities than in traditional jurisdictions (**)
    • Transactions can be performed with a higher degree of discretion
    • Seychelles is a stable and respected country and therefore you will not be a subject to scrutiny when instructed payment to your account or receiving payment from your account.

    (*) Firstconinvest is a not a tax adviser. You should seek advice from professionals specialized in taxation in your country of residence.

    (**) Firstconinvest operates in agreement with international compliance practices and anti-money laundering regulations, however it is not concerned with a client’s business growth expectations or borrowing needs.

  • In which country is Firstconinvest registered?

    Firstconinvest is registered in the Seychelles under the register No.091393 and in the Dominican Republic with the register number 82446SD.

  • What type of hedge fund is Firstconinvest?

    Firstconinvest is no ordinary hedge fund which speculate in securities. Firstconinvest is a truly real estate hedge fund and works in the field of investments with basic values, such as the exploitation of farmland in Africa, because Africa agricultural land is cheap relative to similar land elsewhere; it is probably the last frontier. Firstconinvest realize the urbanization of land to form holiday resorts.

  • If I become a Firstconinvest shareholder, will I invest in a single single investment?

    As a Firstconinvest shareholder, you invest in all investment activities of Firstconinvest. This means the risks are spread. As an example, if an investment does not produce enough return, then produced another more so, or when an investment goes bad, it is one and not all. With such an investment structure you are always on the safe side.

  • How can I become a Firstconinvest shareholder?

    To become a Firstconinvest shareholder just open up a personal or a corporate shareholder account.

  • Are there restrictions as to who can invest with Firstconinvest?

    Yes and no. To invest with Firstconinvest there are no restrictions as Firstconinvest is a real estate hedge fund.

    For real estate hedge funds apply no restrictions who and where can invest, restrictions apply only for securities hedge funds.

  • If I invest with Firstconinvest how I am involved?

    You will become a shareholder on our anonymous society/corporation Firstconinvest, S.A. which is build like an LLC. Share capital is divided in voting and non voting shares and with every money transfer to one of our bank accounts you buy automatically non voting shares. The value of one non voting share corresponds to one US Dollar. The shares will, when booked, registered in our electronic share register and added as investment shares to your shareholder account.

  • How will my dividends been paid and/or compounding my dividends?

    There are two ways for your share capital investment and your dividends to choose from. If you've chosen dividend compounding, your dividends will be added as new shares and blocked to sell until your chosen participation time expires. Otherwise the dividends will be booked the same way, but you be able to bank wire the funds receiving for your dividend shares where ever you like to, direct from your shareholder account.

    After expiration of the investment period, the by dividends accumulated shares and the purchased shares will be sold automatically back to Firstconinvest by electronic system equally as one share to one US Dollar. Know you can re-invest your money or bank wire it to any bank of your choice. The investment period is fixed and the capital can not be withdrawn before the end of the chosen investment period.

  • How are dividends calculated?

    The dividends vary for the different investing periods, because our investments made may differ for each time window. Therefore dividends are not equally calculated, they are calculated using a conversion key. Ultimately, all dividends will paid out annually or added as new shares if you've chosen compounding. Dividends are net and performance fee has been deducted.

  • Which currencies are accepted?

    The shares will be drawn in U.S. Dollar, however, the equity account led not only U.S. Dollar. It also leads the currencies Euro and Pound sterling. It is therefore not necessary to exchange currency into U.S. dollars to purchase shares. It is possible to purchase shares with any of the foregoing named currency and the amount transacted other than U.S. dollars will be credited in the respective currency and internally converted to U.S. dollar shares. Because of rate changes may cause constantly amount of shares vary.

  • What is the minimum amount I need to invest?

    Due to our shareholding account structure and our hedge fund constellation you can invest any amount. We have no minimum such as securities hedge funds where the minimum amount is U.S. $ 100,000.

One More Question?

If you have not found your answer, we are at your disposal at any time.Firstconinvest continuously train every team member from day one, which relieves clients from the burden of educating our professionals on the industry.

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