investing teams

Firstconinvest's team is rooted in the belief that the diversity of ideas and experiences breeds the best investment solutions. Through sharing focused knowledge and insights, ideas are thoroughly vetted to help navigate the ever-changing markets. The Firstconinvest team seeks to identify top institutional talent and strives to provide clients with consistent long-term performance.

"Equal access to intellectual capital" is a phrase that encapsulates what our investment teams are all about. Our collaborative approach encompasses several small, responsive and decisive portfolio teams made up of seasoned investment professionals as well as a top-tier global research platform that provides depth as well as breadth.

All of our teams are organized around our longstanding commitment to accountability, and we always have our clients’ investments mandates in mind. In fact, through our portfolio engineering efforts, we are able to work with our clients to build market-responsive dividends.

Based in different locations around the world, our teams of highly talented and experienced investment professionals possess a deep understanding of the market dynamics and culture of the emerging markets.

Our investment process is based on a team-based approach and a culture of active communication and ideas sharing. Our rich and diverse team of investment professionals based out of our global network of offices, allowing the dynamic interaction between portfolio managers, research analysts and senior strategists to be carried out on a global level.

Firstconinvest continuously train every team member from day one, which relieves clients from the burden of educating our professionals on the industry.