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Welcome to Firstconinvest Hedge Fund

A pioneer in the industry, we are leaders in the hedge fund space in providing a intelligent and intuitive alternative investment concept.

Easy Investing Account Apply

Investing Solution

Investing Solution
By investing in Firstconinvest's hedge fund you will participate in every of our investments and not just in a single one. We've made investing secure and easy.

Hedge Fund Account

Hedge fund account
Hedge fund accounts are held in United States Dollars, Euros, Swiss franc and British Pounds. Archive your growth by opening your hedge fund account today.

Above Average Dividends

Dividends investing
With a hedge fund account, choose time of the shareholding, currency and also choose whether your yield compound or dividends should be paid out.

Easiest Money Transfer

Have you ever had problems with money transfers; like unnecessary questions why and wherefore. No problem, you simply buy equity stakes of our company.
investing partners

Investing doesn't have to be scary. And it's not just for people with thousands of dollars in spare cash. In fact, the earlier you start investing, the more you can take advantage of the miracle of compound interest. The little you can start investing now could reap huge rewards 30 years down the line. Every good plan starts with a clear statement of goals. Where do you want to be in five years, 10 years or even 50 years? If you know what you want, a solid investment as a Firstconinvest shareholder will get you there, because investing with Firstconinvest has never been that easy and straightforward. Here is how investing works:

Share capital

Share capital is divided in voting and non voting shares and with every money transfer to one of our bank accounts you buy automatically non voting shares. The value of one non voting share corresponds to one US Dollar. The shares will, when booked, registered in our electronic share register and added as investment shares to your shareholder account.

Payment of dividends

There are two ways for your share capital investment and your dividends to choose from. If you've chosen dividend compounding, your dividends will be added as new shares and blocked to sell until your chosen participation time expires. Otherwise the dividends will be booked the same way, but you be able to bank wire the funds receiving for your dividend shares where ever you like to, direct from your shareholder account.

After expiration of the investment period, the by dividends accumulated shares and the purchased shares will be sold automatically back to FIRSTCONINVEST by electronic system equally as one share to one US Dollar. Know you can re-invest your money or bank wire it to any bank of your choice. The investment period is fixed and the capital can not be withdrawn before the end of the chosen investment period.

Calculation of dividends

The dividends vary for the different investing periods, because our investments made may differ for each time window. Therefore dividends are not equally calculated, they are calculated using a conversion key. Ultimately, all dividends will paid out annually or added as new shares if you've chosen compounding. Dividends are net and performance fee has been deducted, but might can vary.

Accepted currencies

The shares will be drawn in U.S. Dollar, however, the equity account led not only U.S. Dollar. It also leads the currencies Euro and Pound sterling. It is therefore not necessary to exchange currency into U.S. dollars to purchase shares. It is possible to purchase shares with any of the foregoing named currency and the amount transacted other than U.S. dollars will be credited in the respective currency and internally converted to U.S. dollar shares. Because of rate changes may cause constantly amount of shares vary.

It does not have to be complicated if investing can be easily.

Peter Engelbrecht, Chief Financial Officer

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Easy account opening

Our secure online process guides you through the account opening application form in less than 5 minutes. Apply as a private person company or institute.

Fill the online application form and within two banking days you receive by email your account information, including your password. Please change the received password immediately.

Independence of Opinions

Our firm structure is designed to maintain our independence and freedom of opinion, necessary to focus on our obligations and be there for our shareholders.

We understand and remain committed to the principle of “independence and objectivity” in delivering uncompromisable and unbiased evaluation.

Firstconinvest Philosophy

We are committed to always doing what is in our shareholders’ best long-term interests. Since our founding, our core philosophy has been grounded in the belief that there needs are of paramount importance.

Our focus on investment excellence and analytics is complemented by an unwavering senior-level.
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