alternative investment

Firstconinvest is a independent full-service, global hedge fund firm servicing the investment industry. We bring together a unique combination of knowledge and experience.

Firstconinvest is registered in the Seychelles under the register No.091393 and in the Dominican Republic with the register number 82446SD.

As an alternative investment firm, we are recognized throughout the industry for our superior level of client service because we understand the importance of responsiveness and reliability. We communicate openly with clients, which promotes mutual trust and minimizes the potential for complications.

Through our vision and the Firstconinvest One Brain concept linking legal, fiscal, operational and regulatory expertise, Firstconinvest Partners is uniquely placed to understand the business of asset management.

Firstconinvest as a pioneer in the industry and leaders in the hedge fund space in providing a intelligent and intuitive commercial investment concept giving clients the benefit of our diversified, yet balanced expertise.

Our unique approach to resolving client issues has resulted in an ever expanding client portfolio of well known and respected fund managers and institutional investors. Even today, in a world of global diversification, no other network of companies offers the same services under one roof.

Firstconinvest has made investing easy and straightforward. With our shareholder investment plan you do not have to choose out of a variety of possibilities like with other companies. We let you participate on every investment we make, this includes spreading risk by distributing in a wide range of investments.